Multi-Business Training Programs

Through its experience and relations with Cypriot businesses, RTD Talos designs and implements, through its certified (K433) Vocational Training Center (VTC), specialized training programs subsidized by the Cyprus Human Resources Development Authority (HRDA).

The programs are aimed at business executives (beneficiaries of the grant) and unemployed and non-beneficiaries of the grant.

Special prices are offered for non-beneficiaries of the HRDA grant.

Single Business Training Programs

VTC RTD Talos has designed a multi-thematic proposal of training programs to meet the training needs of client companies.

The programs are designed following the conditions and criteria determined by the AAD and may qualify for a subsidy.

The Management and executives of KEK RTD Talos are at your disposal for more information and clarifications regarding the following:

  • Training programs. We can make on-site visits to companies and participate in meetings to study each organization’s training needs and design a specialized training program.
  • “Ermis” digital portal.