RTD Talos undertakes the preparation and installation of ISO 22000 Food Hygiene and Safety Management Systems.

The ISO 22000 Food Hygiene and Safety Management System specifies the framework within which Organizations in the food chain effectively control potential risks with the ultimate goal of ensuring food safety, while applying the legal and regulatory requirements.

According to the European Food Hygiene Legislation (Regulation 852/2004), which also applies in Cyprus, all food businesses must systematically identify, monitor and control all critical points that may affect food safety.

The requirements of the standard are general and so this standard can be applied to all organisations in the food chain, regardless of size and complexity. Food chain organizations include companies engaged in primary production, processing, feed production, transportation and storage, retail and wholesale, and final disposal to the consumer. Also, the requirements of the standard can be applied to service companies e.g. cleaning companies, as well as in companies producing food equipment and packaging materials.

Benefits of ISO 22000