RTD Talos provides consulting services related to the preparation of forms, registrations and other compliance requirements in accordance with European Regulation no. 1272/2008 / EC (CLP Regulation).

CLP Regulation (no. 1272/2008 / EC) concerns the classification, labeling and packaging of chemicals and mixtures. It is a key part of the legislation used in the European Union to define and communicate the hazardous properties of chemicals and mixtures. It defines how chemicals that are hazardous (eg carcinogenic or hazardous to the aquatic environment) are classified, and how these hazards are communicated to supply chains, consumers and workers.

CLP Symbols

Physical Hazards
Corrosive to metals
Gas under pressure
Health Hazards
Environmental Hazards
Health hazard
Serious health hazard
Acute toxicity
Hazardous to the environment