We have been notified by the European Commission that our MAASIVE TWIN proposal has been approved for funding. The project is titled: Manufacturing as a service and Supply chain predictive twin for critical raw materials.
The project will be financed by the Horizon Europe program, has a total duration of 48 months and has a total budget of €5,253,290.

In addition to our company RTD Talos, the following agencies participate:

1 RTD Talos
2 Battronics GmbH, Γερμανία
2 ElevenEs d.o.o. Subotica, Σερβία
3 Rock Tech Consulting GmbH, Γερμανία
4 Battronics sp.z.o.o, Πολωνία
MaaSiveTwin aligns with the vision of creating a competitive and sustainable digital Europe and green value chain by even combining the two aspects!
This twin enables Manufacturing as a Service by tracking mining and processing of critical raw materials (CRM) which will be tested by the first Lirefinery in Europe, RockTech and the first large scale LiFePO4 battery manufacturer, ElevenEs. The twin helps to improve efficiency of the supply chain, reduce uncertainty, and support informed decision making, all of which are critical for supporting the transition to a more sustainable economy.
MaaSiveTwin will provide real-time data analysis and insights of CRM mining, shipping, processing, and sustainability. Additionally, by predicting scenarios based on disruptive events such as Suez channel blockage, the tool will enable participants to use other suppliers as Manufacturers as a Service in case of Supply Chain disruption to keep machinery in their factories running, increase utilisation and enable fully integrated, resilient value chains from mining of CRM till the end products.
MaaSiveTwin extends the analysis of critical materials for e.g Li, Co, Ni that go into batteries, light and heavy rare earth elements that go into magnets for wind turbines and e-motors, Vanadium for redox flow cells, Pt for H2 fuel cells and many more to enable the transition to green energy technologies which are based on CRMs to achieve the Green deal goals, “fit-for-55” and the EU critical raw material act which was proposed in 03/2023. This digital twin will track the path towards our ambiguous EU goals and make European CRM value chains more digital and more resilient.