Vocational Training Centre

Since 2016, RTD Talos has operated and has a Vocational Training Center (KEK) after the relevant approval (K433) of the Human Resource Development Authority. The infrastructures it has have also been evaluated by the Human Resource Development Authority and certified as DEK (D276). In particular, it has a training room capable of hosting up to 16 trainees. The room is equipped with a projector, tables, a wireless network, and the designated sanitary and relaxation areas.

As part of its operation, the KEK undertakes the conduct of Multi-enterprise and Single-enterprise programs financed by the Human Resources Development Authority or other National and European Sources. It also has a network of Partners / Trainers for a wide range of specialties who conduct training seminars.

Since April 2017, RTD Talos has also been operating as a Vocational Qualification Assessment Center for the Vocational Training Instructor standard.