Main Management, Technological Development Department, Vocational Training Centre

Dr. Alexandros Michaelides


Dr. Michaelides has a diploma in Mining Engineering and Metallurgy from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). In 1995 he completed his Ph.D. degree in the sector of Metallurgy and Materials Technology of NTUA. In December 1995 Dr. Michaelides joined the Cyprus Institute of Technology (CIT) and he had under his supervision all of CIT’s activities. In 1997 Dr. Michaelides was awarded a Fulbright scholarship for an intensive course in Technology Management at the Center of Innovation Management Studies at Lehigh University, USA. He also participated in a number of seminars in the area of Innovation and Technology Transfer in NASA’s National Technology Transfer Center and in MIT. Dr. Michaelides was appointed in 1999 by the Minister of Finance as the National Contact Point for Innovation and SMEs as well as the official representative of Cyprus in the Programme Committees of the 5FP. In 2002 followed his successful service, Dr. Michaelides appointed again as the National Contact Point for the SMEs for the 6th Framework Programme. Since June 2016, is a member of the Cyprus CERN Committee as a representative of the Industry. In September 2000, Dr. Michaelides founded RTD Talos. RTD Talos is a Consulting Firm with a vast experience in public funding projects. Dr. Michaelides participated and coordinated projects under the following programmes: 5FP, 6FP, 7FP, H2020, ERASMUS+, LEONARDO DA VINCI, GRUNDTVIG, CIP, COSME, CULTURE, CREATIVE EUROPE, EUROPE FOR CITIZENS, CONNECTING EUROPE FACILITY. Dr. Michaelides served also as a Member of the Board of Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (2006-2012), as the President of the Management Committee of the Cyprus Internet Exchange (CyIX), Member of the Technical Committee of the Cyprus Bureau of Shipping and he served in the Board of Directors of the Fashion Resource Center (3 years). He was also a member of the team which formulated the Cyprus New Industrial Policy (NIP) in 1999 and a member of the Technical Committee which is dealing with the implementation of the NIP. Since 2013, Dr Alexandros Michaelides is a Certified management Consultant.