RTD Talos is a private initiative which was founded in September 2000 and registered as a limited liability company. Talos was founded in a period when the global economic environment had transmuted into a new economy and Cypriot companies, especially small and medium sized enterprises, faced significant competitiveness problems. In parallel, for the first time, the Cypriot government had to deal with the challenges to align with the acquis communautaire, as well as with the implementation of a development policy in the framework of a wider European effort.

Since its foundation, Talos has gone through a dynamic growth and it soon became acknowledged as one of the most credible associates in the consulting market of Cyprus. The management of the company identified at the very early stages the need of interconnecting the Cypriot economy with the wider European market and placed great emphasis on the prospects and opportunities that had opened due to the full integration of Cyprus to the European Union.

Talos’ personnel is constituted from a group of young scientists being able to develop a full range of business support and technical advisory services for:

  • The Cypriot government and public organisations in the field of regional and rural development, research, innovation, industrial development, tourist development as well as the development of small and medium sized enterprises.
  • The Cypriot enterprises and private organisations with particular emphasis on issues relating to strategy, innovation, research, technology transfer and technological development.

The company’s aim is to help the Cypriot enterprises to:

  • utilize the opportunities arising from the accession of Cyprus to the European Union
  • develop new products and services
  • enlarge their market share
  • strengthen their existing infrastructure
  • improve their entrepreneurial ability
  • reduce the operational costs of the company
  • reinforce their competitiveness
  • improve the quality of their services and/or products
  • acquire a greater understanding of the demands arising from a united European market

In 2009, in the framework of the IN BUSINESS’ competition, Talos won the award of  the best Medium-Sized Company of 2008 in Cyprus.

In 2011, Talos was certified with the ISO 9001 standard.

In 2014, in London, Talos won the Global Innovation Award, an initiative of Lloyd’s, for the coordination of the project ‘LYNCEUS’ which was financed by the European Commission.

In 2015, Talos won the Engineering Award of the ETEK (Technical Chamber of Cyprus) for the coordination of the project ‘LYNCEUS’.