30 Νοε. 2016
1st Study Group with Industry in Cyprus

You are invited to the opening of the 1st Study Group with Industry in Cyprus, on the 5th December 2016, 11-4.30pm, at the Cyprus University of Technology. The event includes short talks from internationally leading experts in industrial and applied mathematics who will relay effective international practices for connecting academia with industry and the society, and give specific examples. Subsequently, four local industrial challenges will be presented by the selected organisations:           

Transportation Organisation of Nicosia District (OSEL)- “Improving bus routes in urban Nicosia”
ENGINO – “Quantifying the creativity of ENGINO toys and automating their building instructions”
Water Development Department – “The Germasoyia aquifer challenge”
Party Ice – “Cost optimization of ice distribution”

55 mathematical scientists from 17 countries under one roof will work intensively together, for a week, in order to solve the four challenges.

Please register online at the following Eventbrite link, where also a detailed agenda is provided: https://opening-1ststudygroupwithindustry.eventbrite.com

(Deadline: 2nd December 2016)