RTD Talos offers a broad variety of services, to companies, groups, to public and private sector, concerning consultancy, as well as coordination and implementation of Research and Development projects and studies.

The main categories of services that RTD Talos offers are listed below:

  • Consultancy services concerning innovation and technology transfer, monitoring of technological development and promoting the results to the clients.
  • Search for potential partners for research, development and business cooperation.
  • Elaboration of proposal for participation into National or European programs, and implementation of the projects concerning the economic or technological development sectors.
  • Advisability studies, Techno economic studies, Business Plans, Merging studies, Allocation studies, Reformation studies, Human Resource Development studies.
  • Strategic studies in the areas of peripheral development (Research, Technological and Industrial Development, Innovation, Agriculture Development, Tourism)
  • Industrial Research. Elaboration of projects of technical issues and development of new products.
  • Management of development plans for companies and organizations.
  • Evaluation Studies for development plans (Research, Technology, Innovation)
  • Organization of training programs concerning the exploitation of European projects and specialized technological issues.
  • Collection, evaluation, analysis and provision of information towards companies – clients, regarding the legal and political initiative frameworks of the European Union.
  • Organization of publicity actions, projection and promotion.
  • Reports regarding European issues.